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Christ Our Shepherd Church (COSC) came about as a result of a large In the spring of the group asked Stuart McAlpine to become their pastor and the.
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There is definitely a place for learning from other godly believers who are part of the global church of Jesus Christ. Even worse, there are many false teachers today all over the internet who appear successful and popular but teach questionable theology at best and heresy at worst!

So what is the solution?

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I would submit to you the solution is to have a shepherd or shepherds that you are exclusively submitted and committed to. Someone who, as Timothy Witmer helpfully summarizes , is committed to knowing you, feeding you, leading you, and most importantly, protecting you. But again, I would ask is this biblical? The answer from Scripture is YES. So, what is a shepherd?

Welcome to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - Camarillo, California

In our churches today we typically call them pastors. In fact, these are synonymous and overlapping names for the same office in several places in the New Testament:. These shepherds are to be men who will know you, feed you, lead you, and protect you as their sheep. This is who a shepherd is and how a shepherd shepherds.

Pastor as Shepherd

Since the Bible calls these men in leadership shepherds, this means that we are the sheep. The picture of shepherds and sheep is all throughout the Old and New Testaments. These portions of Scripture, along with many others, provide all that we need to know for a faithful and biblical model of leadership for the Church today.

This is a structure that no podcasting pastor can replace. While you may be subscribed to preaching podcasts, and follow many pastors on social media, do you have a shepherd?

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Do you know him and does he know you? Is there a formal way of identifying yourself as a sheep and knowing the pastor as your shepherd?

As Christians, we must conform our lives, and our churches, to what Scripture says. This congregation is strongly committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ and has a dynamic Christian Education program. The congregation is committed to being a place where people of diverse backgrounds and theological perspectives can find a home and inform the faith of one another.

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  7. We work hard to maintain our focus on Christ and welcome those of conservative and liberal leanings in a community setting that sometimes defies our cultural experience. This congregation is willing to try new ministries, willing to fail, and willing to serve.

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    Our youth are well-grounded in the faith and engage in regular faith practices. They are regularly part of the leadership of Synod youth events.

    "The Lord is Our Shepherd" Psalm 23 Pastor Gavin Ortlund

    Our Shepherd Lutheran Church provides a Preschool for children ages on the property, which is held in high regard in the community. Rejoicing Spirits Worship is an adapted worship service designed for persons with developmental or physical disabilities which meets monthly on the second Sunday afternoon of the month pm.