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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jack London was an American author, journalist, and The Iron Heel (Illustrated) - Kindle edition by Jack London.
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Martin Eden [A concordance and curriculum materials are available for this work ] Set in San Francisco, this is the story of Martin Eden, a seaman who pursues his dreams of education and literary fame. Michael, Brother of Jerry This story of brutality toward animals inspired a movement known as the Jack London Clubs, which were devoted to the cause of animal welfare and humane treatment.

The Mutiny of the Elsinore Written during a time of personal tragedy, this novel of sea life fails in either its story or doctrinaire intentions. The Sea-Wolf [A concordance and curriculum materials are available for this work] Chronicles the voyages of a ship run by the ruthless Wolf Larsen, among the greatest of London's characters, and spokesman for an extreme individualism London intended to critique.

The Star Rover The great transmigration novel inspired by the experiences of an ex-prisoner's acount of coping with "the Jacket," a form of torture at San Quentin. London was a lifelong supporter of humane prison practices. The Valley of the Moon The first part of this novel exposes the struggles of the working-class of London's day, while the latter part is an exploration of the California landscape, with Sonoma Valley providing the "perfect spot" for the wandering lovers. White Fang [A concordance is available for this work] An initiation story concerning the taming of a wild dog in the Klondike.

This novella explores life following a devastating plague that wipes out most of humanity.

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Scorn of Women From the Internet Archive. Theft A four-act play. John Barleycorn An autobiographical memoir that deals with the debilitating effects of alcohol as personified in "The Noseless One" illustrated. One of the machines swerved wildly at high speed half a block down, and the next moment, already left well behind it, the pavement was torn into a great hole by a bursting bomb.

The Iron Heel by Jack London, First Edition

We saw the police disappearing down the cross-streets on the run, and knew that something terrible was coming. We could hear the rising roar of it. We could see the front of their column filling the street from gutter to gutter, as the last war-automobile fled past.

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The machine stopped for a moment just abreast of us. A soldier leaped from it, carrying something carefully in his hands. This, with the same care, he deposited in the gutter. Then he leaped back to his seat and the machine dashed on, took the turn at the corner, and was gone from sight.

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Hartman ran to the gutter and stooped over the object. I could see he was working rapidly with his hands. When he returned to me the sweat was heavy on his forehead. The soldier was clumsy. It would have exploded prematurely.

The Iron Heel by Jack London (Illustrated) by Jack London | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Across the street and half a block down, high up in a building, I could see heads peering out. I had just pointed them out to Hartman, when a sheet of flame and smoke ran along that portion of the face of the building where the heads had appeared, and the air was shaken by the explosion. In places the stone facing of the building was torn away, exposing the iron construction beneath. The next moment similar sheets of flame and smoke smote the front of the building across the street opposite it.

Between the explosions we could hear the rattle of the automatic pistols and rifles. For several minutes this mid-air battle continued, then died out. With the Bay Pirates. Captain and Crew. Joe Tries to Take French Leave. Befriending Each Other.

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Among the OysterBeds. Good Sailors in a Wild Anchorage. Frisco Kids DittyBox. Frisco Kid Tells His Story. A New Responsibility for. The Boys Plan an Escape. Perilous Hours.

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Joe and His Father. The Iron Heel. Burning Daylight.