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First, she cannot become a Brahma heavenly king. Second, she cannot become the king Shakra. Third, she cannot become a devil king. Fourth, she cannot become a wheel-turning sage king. Fifth, she cannot become a Buddha. How then could a woman like you be able to attain Buddhahood so quickly? The Buddha immediately accepted it.

The Dragon King's Daughter: ten Tang Dynasty Stories.

It shall be even quicker than that! With the thirty-two features and the eighty characteristics , he expounded the wonderful Law for all living beings everywhere in the ten directions. At that time in the saha world to the bodhisattvas , voice-hearers , gods , dragons and others of the eight kinds of guardians, human and non-human beings all from a distance saw the dragon girl become a Buddha and preach the law to all the human and heavenly beings in the assembly at that time.

Their hearts were filled with great joy and all from a distance paid reverent obeisance. Immeasurable living beings , hearing the Law, understood it and were able to reach the level of no regression.

Immeasurable living beings received prophecies that they would gain the way. The Spotless World quaked and trembled in six different ways. Three thousand living beings of the saha world remained on the level of no regression. Three thousand living beings conceived a desire for bodhi and received prophecies of enlightenment.

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Bodhisattva Wisdom Accumulated , Shariputra and all the other members of the assembly silently believed and accepted these things. The merits and virtues that he gains will be the same as reading and reciting eighty-four thousand Dharma-Stores. All beings suffer. Everything has no ego.

The tranquil extinction is the Bliss. Therefore, you all should often recite and be mindful of them. Marine Science.

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